Reviews for ‘Favouritsm’

There’s more of what you’d expect from the masters of laid-back housey Balearica, gradually moving between a sun lounger in the heat of the midday sun, through the packed bar and downstairs into a shadowy, sweltering club. While ‘Disconnection’ lives up to its name somewhat, it soon moves from a scattered canvas of glitched vocal snippets and airy lo-fi reverb swells into an arp-heavy hands-in-the-air euphoria fest.

While the highlight for me here is the wonderful self-titled odyssey, ‘Nightdubbing’ (which I think perfectly illustrates their grasp of the balance required to pull off a mix of lo-fi house, rhyhmic IDM and Balearic), it doesn’t present itself in a vaccuum, and in fact would be far worse off without the pace-setting but equally jewel-laiden first half of the LP and the melty, afterglow dub of the second half. It’s YET ANOTHER masterwork from the Nightdubbing crew, meticulously layering sounds and flawlessly bringing worlds together into an LP that is both eminently listenable at home, and perfect for the late-night boat parties or sweaty dancefloors at 2AM. Yet another absolute stormer from Nightdubbing, effortlessly bringing together laid-back Balearic beach ambient with their own brand of glitched-out house, deep dub and swooning disco. A step beyond their already stellar canon : Picadilly Records

Reviews for ‘Frontline’

“A brilliant combination of the smooth sanguine vibes of Balearic with the funky edge of Disco thrown in for good measure. Eminently listenable, brilliantly produced and hugely varied. Essential purchase. A fascinating and beautifully produced collection of diverse Balearic and house tinged not-disco stormers… A modern classic” : Piccadilly Records

“House piano chops mix, soul vocals, disco licks, swirling funk moves, rave choons, brass horn sections, locked down grooves…pick of the bunch..the ghostly disco of ‘You Want Working On’ is a cracker” : Electronic Sound Magazine

“opening with ‘Gwen’s Lament’, a funk heavy track reminiscent of early Air releases. The LP moves onto a calming Balearic wonder with ‘You Want Working On’ whilst ‘Avenue A’ is a slow-growing disco groover. ‘Pop Goes The Night’, a cosmic disco track interjected with 90’s house chords, is a standout track”. : Melodic Distraction

“With perhaps the funkiest bass part of 2017 driving this track along, Frontline meanders between elements of house and disco to create what would be the perfect soundtrack to a day out in the sun”: Astral Penguins